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  1. Please complete the Orange County Kickoff Classic application and registration form below. (Must be completed by every team)
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  3. You are responsible to follow up with payment.

Once the Orange County Kickoff Classic has received your payment, your application will be considered complete and your team will be considered for acceptance into the tournament.

Making your payment does NOT guarantee acceptance into the tournament. You will receive confirmation that a payment has been received. This is not an acceptance notification into the tournament. You will be emailed an official email of acceptance.

  • Please complete and submit one application for each team you want to enter.
  • After you press submit, the following will happen:
    • Data you entered in the online application goes to the Tournament database.
    • You are sent an e-mail explaining in detail your next step in the process.
    • Please check your e-mail inbox, an e-mail from us is waiting for you.


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By pressing the "Submit" button below, as the representative of this team, I certify that the information entered in this online application is accurate and that each player that will participate in the Orange County Kickoff Classic is registered with USYSA, CYSA-S or a USSF affiliate.

I further understand and agree that all age brackets will be played under the upcoming 2018-2019 playing year age designations. (Fall 2018 playing season starting September 2018) It is understood that after acceptance, any and all refunds are at the sole discretion of the Orange County Kickoff Classic.