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Irvine Premier B01 Blue – Wins Spring Cup

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The Irvine Premier B01 Blue team got its 2010 soccer campaign off to an encouraging start in the CSL Spring Soccer League.  The team ended its regular season at the sharp end of its flight with a dominant six-win, two-loss record. 

We have begun developing into a cohesive unit, controlling possession and distributing the ball well.  The boys are learning different positions through strategic rotation, and are using learned technical skills with greater effect, finding the net more while sparing fewer goals. 

Spring Cup became another great milestone for the team.  Winning our flight, we advanced to the semi-final round with quiet confidence and ominous determination. We proved prolific goal scorers with generous contributions from Ashwin, Jake, Grant, Kabir, Wyatt, Zeke and Ian, and at midfield we did a terrific job advancing the ball up the field.  Our solid defense, anchored by Carter, Zeke, Stefan, Brendon and Zack provided a formidable challenge to any offense, even managing to score a goal or two of their own!  Zeke and Zack made classic saves, trading off in goal, while throwing their bodies at every shot ! Both Zeke and Zack did great, championing the team from the rear.

The team convincingly won its Semi-Final against Cerritos United SC 7-0, and then carried its momentum on to the Spring Cup Final with a comfortable 4-2 win over Fram CQ.  Our early success gives the boys confidence going forward, and a solid foundation upon which to attack the CSL Fall Season.