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Goals For IPSC Fitness

It is imperative that within Irvine Premier Soccer Club a culture is created where discipline is an absolute standard and not an occasional option.

Based on how we feel, on any given day, every IPSC athlete will understand and embrace the importance of leadership and how to incorporate this important aspect on a daily basis, on and off the field. My primary goal as Fitness Coordinator is to ensure every IPSC athlete is stronger, faster, and equipped with the endurance to play well above the highest standards. A consistent and healthy diet shall be encouraged and promoted throughout every soccer season for every IPSC athlete.

The promotion of doing extra on their own will be expected from every IPSC athlete to improve their level of endurance, speed, mental awareness, and soccer skills during training sessions, as well as games. I sincerely look forward to assisting IPSC continue their quest in helping every player reach their fullest potential.

By staying focused, disciplined, and fit and we shall be victorious in our efforts!

Rico Smith, Athletic Fitness Coordinator