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U.S. Soccer Centennial/Cal South Logo

U.S. Soccer is marking its first 100 years with a Centennial celebration this year. USSF has given Cal South permission to provide its clubs and leagues with a joint U.S. Soccer Centennial/Cal South logo. The logo may be used through the end of 2013.

We are encouraging our affiliate member leagues and clubs to use the logo on their websites and on other communication. As a Cal South affiliate member, you are a part of U.S. Soccer. And you are also part of the U.S. Soccer Centennial celebration. So are your teams and your members. It’s important for your members and your community to know that your club or league is part of a larger, very successful organization with a 100-year legacy.

Please post the logo at your earliest convenience. We have several versions of the combined logos available on our Identity Guide and Logo Downloads page on CalSouth.com. They are available as JPG, GIF, PNG or EPS files. To download these marks, visit www.calsouth.com/en/logo-identity-guide/.

If you have further questions about downloading logos, contact the Cal South Marketing Department at 714.451.1533 or marketing@calsouth.com.